Taking It To The Tubes
A Change In Venue

Even thought I talked much about my campaign here yet I will say that I had originally planned to be running it face-to-face at an actual table. Well, that is out the window due to various reason.

The plan now is to run using one of the numerous virtual table top rpg programs. I have had no previous experience with these before so I will be doing a bit of research as to which one looks to be the most useful to me in running the game.

So far I have found what looks like a fairly comprehensive round-up for several of these program. It can be found here:

If anyone out there in The Great Void has had any experience in using these applications and would like to provide any recommendations, suggestions, tips, etc. I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading! —Scotticus

Red In The Face
And It Shows!

Boy am I red in the face. I just created my first campaign here and realized that it was showing up in the new campaigns list (which I didn’t notice until mine was there). And I didn’t even have any content to show! How embarrassing.

I hope to be adding content to the site to see if I like the way it works. I have considered several other options for campaign hosting, but I really like what I see here. The two main things I see lacking are a calendar feature and some way to incorporate some back and forth discussion between GM and players or amongst players. It could be that these are possible and I just haven’t gone “far enough down the rabbit hole.”

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what all this web application that is Obsidian Portal can do!


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