Initial Character Bonus

The first, and only the first, character created by each player will be able to choose one item from the following list to enhance their character. Each item on the list may only be taken by one player. As these are taken, the list will be updated.

Gifted +1 to any two ability scores of the players choice

Talented – You have a natural talent for something and may choose one extra feat

Reputed to be… – You have a positive reputation of some sort. At some point in the past, you did something which extremely memorable which causes others to look upon you with respect, awe, admiration, etc. You decide (within reason) why you have this reputation, which will in turn determine they way people who know who you are react to you. This is not instant celebrity and not necessarily everyone will have heard of you.

Successful Career – You have done well in your previous adventures. Start with 500 gold pieces in a deluxe leather bag

Successful Career II – You have done well in your previous adventures. Start with one magic item worth up to 1,000 gold pieces

Lucky – Luck seems to be on your side. At the beginning of each gaming session, you will receive 1d6 Luck Points. You may spend a Luck Point to re-roll a die roll you made in the game. Once the die is re-rolled, you may choose to keep the original or new roll. Only one Luck Point may be used per roll. Any unused Luck Points are lost at the end of the session. Luck can be advantageous in other ways as well…

Special Item – You have acquired a potentially powerful magic item in your previous exploits. The exact abilities this item offers is something you are still learning about. This special item is in addition to any other Starting Magic items you select for your character.

Wild Talent – You are one of the exceptionally rare individuals with a psionic wild talent. You have one Psionic Wild Power, determined by the DM. You are aware of the power and can use it from the start of the campaign. Though you have a psionic power, you may not start as a Psionicist Character Class. However, if you are human you could choose to Dual Class as a Psionicist under the right circumstances later in the campaign. If you are a demihuman, you also might be able to multi-class if you meet the requirements and find the right circumstances later in the campaign.

Fast Healer – Your body heals much faster than others. You receive twice the normal amount for natural healing. Also, any use of the Heal skill is done at +3 to the roll, and the hit points restored to you are also doubled. Healing spells cast on you and other healing magic restore the normal amount of Hit Points.

Initial Character Bonus

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